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Art Fun


Radiant Collective offers an array of dynamic camps where kids can explore their passions and make lasting memories. From music and theater camps for budding artists to creativity camp for the artsy ones and STEAM camp for the curious minds – there's something for everyone. At Radiant, we prioritize a holistic learning experience, fostering creativity, friendship, and personal growth.


Immerse your child in a full day of summer camp excitement!

Select the Full Day option when registering for summer camp. With a break from 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch and play, your child will have a full day of fun. 

We can't wait to create lasting memories with your family!

Community Collaborations

Meet our Community Partners offering their expertise for Summer Camps

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Musician Makers

Dive into Jam Camp, an immersive experience for musicians of all levels to connect, collaborate, and create music together. It's not just about learning notes but about building friendships and teamwork through the joy of music. At Jam Camp, participants from any musical background will find their rhythm, enhance their skills, and join a community where every note played strengthens bonds.

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Vanessa Branch

Fortunate are we to welcome Vanessa Branch, a seasoned Hollywood actress, to our spring break and summer camps. Perhaps you recognize her from Pirates of the Caribbean or the Orbit gum commercials on television. With her professional skills, passion for the craft, and the enchantment she brings to cinematic creations, your child has the chance to be mentored by one of the finest in the industry!

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