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Jam Camp: Where Music Creates Friendship
July 29-August 2, 2024 

Morning (9am-12pm)


Jam Camp offers musicians an immersive experience to connect, collaborate, and create music, fostering friendships and teamwork. It's not just about learning notes but about building friendships and teamwork through the joy of music. At Jam Camp, participants from any musical background will find their rhythm, enhance their skills, and join a community where every note played strengthens bonds.

Throughout the week, campers will engage in group play, learn the fundamentals of music, and work towards a collective performance, showcasing their growth and unity. Jam Camp is more than a music camp; it's a place to grow as a musician and a person, making friends along the way.

Jam Camp with Musician Makers (Week 9: July 29-Aug 2)

  • To secure your child's spot, simply purchase the desired week, including your child's name and age at checkout. Once we process your purchase, we'll reach out to gather official registration details. Get ready for a summer filled with growth, learning, and laughter at Radiant Collective!

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