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Mannequin Challenge!

For the first acting class of the new year, Ms. Vanessa demonstrated the importance of remaining still. As important as thoughts, words, and emotions are for acting, so is the ability to not move. 

The kids were separated into mannequins and shoppers for the exercise. Half of the kids were told to be like a mannequin while the shoppers wandered around unseemingly; the goal was for the mannequin to be able to scare a shopper by getting away with poking them. It was surprising how well they accomplished the game!

To give a final challenge, Ms. Vanessa asked the kids to stay in their stationary position for five minutes. They embodied robotic-like poses, maintained a blank stare, and practiced shallow breathing. It was clearly difficult for them to hold their stance for so long, but they persevered and did an absolutely amazing job. 

Next week we are beginning to rehearse a script for Matilda; stay tuned for more information!


Radiant Films Update

by Matt (Director)

When it was the last day of Radiant before Christmas break, I thought of filming a Home Alone remake using our green screen.

But, then I noticed how I couldn't do funny pranks with a green screen! Instead, I thought of a great idea to do a Home Alone film in Radiant! After I had that idea, I changed the name to "All Alone: at Radiant Learning Collective". 

Over Christmas break I starting writing a script & casted kids at Radiant to be the main characters, as well as some hard working plumbers. 😏😆 

On Friday, we started filming the beginning scenes of the film and hopefully we will film more throughout next week. 😁



MONDAY - Farm School @ Peace of Heart Farm

While we didn't have school on Monday, a few of us met at the farm to explore! This "Future Farmers" project is led by our very own Kendall Temotio (Alexia + Avery's mama). We are meeting at the farm every Monday at 4:15pm. Bring your boots!







CURRENT NOVEL: Matilda by Roald Dahl


Memorize "Listen to the Mustn'ts" poem by Shel Silverstein from Where the Sidewalk Ends in time for acting class with Ms. Vanessa on Wednesday.


Pet food drive with local animal shelter

Collaboration with Blessings in a Backpack organization providing hunger-free weekends for local children. Our kids have been creating special cards to put in each package. Radiant students and families will have the opportunity to help assemble packages on Tuesday, February 20th.

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