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RLC Enrollment Process

Our doors are currently open to new families, depending on the availability of spaces. We understand that choosing the right educational environment is a significant decision for your family, and we're here to provide you with all the information you need to determine if our collective aligns with your educational values and aspirations.

Radiant Learning Collective is more than just a co-op; it's a community built on the core principles of trust, access, and responsibility. Our approach to education is rooted in these values, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive environment for every student. We believe in empowering our learners with not just academic knowledge but also the skills and confidence to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our collective is sustained through the support and contributions of our member families. The membership fees are a testament to the commitment and investment our families make towards a collaborative and enriching educational experience. By choosing Radiant Learning Collective, you're not just selecting an education for your child; you're joining a vibrant community dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and growth.

Tuition Information

At Radiant Collective, our community is anchored in the foundational values of trust, access, and responsibility. Embracing these principles, we create an environment where learning thrives on mutual respect and collaboration.


Our vitality and ability to deliver exceptional educational experiences are largely fueled by the membership fees contributed by our dedicated families. This support reflects our community's commitment to maintaining a nurturing and enriching educational space for all.


Step 1: Discover and Explore

Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the ALC educational model. Delve into our website to gain a deeper understanding of Self-Directed Education, the cornerstone of our educational philosophy at Radiant Learning Collective. We invite you to explore and engage with our vibrant community on our Facebook page, where you'll find updates on events, insightful videos, and a wealth of resources. This initial exploration is your first step in connecting with our unique approach to learning.


Step 2: Experience Our Space

We encourage you to visit us and experience the essence of Radiant Learning Collective firsthand. You can reach out to schedule a tour, or join us on a Wednesday afternoon at 4pm (throughout June). During your visit, you'll meet our dedicated facilitators and learn about the various programs and opportunities we offer. This visit is a chance for you to feel the energy and inspiration that defines our learning environment.


Step 3: Begin Your Application

Ready to take the next step? Create a member account and complete our application and non-refundable registration fee ($50). This step signifies your commitment to joining our learning community and allows us to carefully consider each applicant. 


Step 4: Set up a Trial Day

We offer trial days for children to experience our space and interact with our current group. Trial days are available Tuesday through Thursday from 9am-11am. This opportunity allows us to observe group dynamics and find the best program fit for your child.


Step 5: Complete Your Enrollment

If we mutually agree that RLC is the right place for your child and family, we'll proceed to the final stage of enrollment. This involves completing the necessary documents and initiate monthly tuition payments. This final step marks the beginning of an exciting educational journey with us.






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