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Summer Camp Recap: June Highlights

Summer at Radiant Collective has been a whirlwind of creativity, learning, and fun! Here’s a look back at our incredible camps in June and a sneak peek at what's coming up in July.


Our summer kicked off with the enchanting Wizards + Wonka Theater Camp. For more details on this magical experience, check out our previous blog post!


Next, our DIY Dream House Camp transformed young imaginations into reality. Campers started by creating unique characters to inhabit their mini dream houses. From brainstorming and blueprinting to painting, flooring, and building furniture, every child crafted a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The creativity and craftsmanship were truly remarkable!


Our STEAM Adventure Camp was a perfect blend of science and creativity. Each day, campers participated in Guinness World Record events, followed by science-inspired projects and activities. They also enjoyed daily acting workshops with Ms. Sheri, making it a well-rounded and exciting camp experience.


June also saw our campers enjoying the great outdoors at Peace of Heart Farm. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, children fed goats, chickens, ducks, and pigs while learning about farm life. The mud kitchen was a hit, sparking endless creativity and fun.


We kicked off July with a bang at our three-day Pokemania! Camp. Pokémon trainers from around the neighborhood gathered to trade, collect, and battle their favorite Pokémon. The camp culminated in the first-ever Radiant Pokémon Tournament, and it was an absolute blast!


9-12AM | Ages 5+

July 8-12 | July 15-19 | July 22-26 | July 29-August 2

Jam Camp offers musicians an immersive experience to connect, collaborate, and create music, fostering friendships and teamwork. It's not just about learning notes but about building friendships and teamwork through the joy of music. At Jam Camp, participants from any musical background will find their rhythm, enhance their skills, and join a community where every note played strengthens bonds.

July 15-19 | 3 spots remaining!

July 22-26 | 5 spots open!

Our unique camp fuses self-directed learning with a diverse array of activities, including art projects, imaginative storytelling, hands-on science exploration, and engaging performance arts like movie making and stop motion animation. In our secure and supportive environment, children will discover their passions through interactive games and collaborative imaginative play. With limited spaces available, secure your child's spot today for a week of creative exploration and joy.

August 5-9, 2024 | 4:30pm-6:00pm | Ages 12+ 

Small Group (Maximum 6 Students)

Join us for RAD Math Camp: Algebra Prep, a small group tutoring experience led by Coach J, a certified math teacher who brings math to life! Students can expect to strengthen pre-algebra skills, delve into real-life applications, and enjoy engaging math games. This camp is designed to build confidence and prepare students for Algebra I. Parents and students alike agree that Coach J fosters enthusiasm and understanding in his math students. With limited spaces available, don’t miss this chance to get a head start on Algebra I in a supportive and interactive setting!

August 5-9 | Ages 6+

Morning - 9am-12pm | 3 spots left!

Afternoon - 1pm-4pm | 3 spots left!

Join us for an exciting week-long camp that immerses children in the world of creative writing and animation. Inspired by the magic of Disney and Pixar films, our curriculum blends self-directed learning with a variety of engaging activities. From hands-on art projects to imaginative storytelling sessions, participants will explore the realms of movie making and stop-motion animation, fostering their creativity in a secure and supportive environment. Through interactive games and collaborative play, children will uncover their passions, making this camp a unique opportunity for creative exploration and joy.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us for the rest of this unforgettable summer at Radiant Collective!

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